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Pub Walks

The Winyard's Gap Inn is the perfect starting point to enjoy an able in the Dorset countryside.

Walk One (as published in Dorset Life)

Distance: 3 miles

Start: Winyard's Gap Inn 

This beautifully scenic area of Dorset has memorable views which follows a short stretch of the Monarch’s Way – a 615-mile path based on the route taken by King Charles II during his escape after defeat by Cromwell in the battle of Worcester in 1651, when the 21-year-old King was pursued across country by Parliamentary troops. Although hilly, the walk is fairly easy. Most of the walk crosses farmland with short stretches on road.

  1. Turn left out of the Winyard’s Gap Inn car park and walk along the lane to Chedington village. Continue through and to the end of the village and follow the lane as it bears left and uphill where you cross Chedington Lane at the top. Go straight across the road and downhill following the track to Broadleaze Farm.

  2. When reaching Broadleaze Farm and before entering the yard, there is a signpost on the left which indicates the path into the field and behind farm buildings. Keep the open field to the left and farm building to the right and at the bottom of the field go through a wooden gate into a small wooded area. At first the path through the trees is not very clear but on entering the trees bear left and the path downhill between the trees becomes clear. At the bottom of the slope cross the stream and through a gateway and the path rises up hill across a field and then up a track into the farmyard of East Axnoller Farm.

  3. Turn left in the farmyard (keeping the barns on the right) and round the buildings until sighting a signpost, which points through a gate, across a track and then through a second gate. (During this stretch it is likely that donkeys and ponies will be grazing here – they can be very curious but mostly friendly!) Continue to rise uphill, crossing three fields with stiles at the far-side of each. At the top of the fields turn left onto a straight grass track and follow this track until it bears slightly to the left and into a field – cross this field towards the road keeping the hedge on the right-hand side.

  4. On reaching the road (A356) cross with care and turn left, walking on the opposite side until reaching the entrance to Eweleaze Farm. The footpath continues on the left side of the track to the farm and begins to descend downhill, passing on the left-side of the farmhouse before bearing left downhill. The views are stunning during this stretch.

  5. At the bottom of the hill follow the signs for the Monarch’s Way (circular yellow marker) and Weston. The path bears to the left through a gate and along a green track which is the Monarch’s Way. Passing another gate, remain on the track and then pass through another gate, there are ponds to the right of the track. Go through the next gate and pass to the left of a barn and walk past Hunter’s Lodge Farm and follow the drive to the road. Turn right onto the main road and walk back to Winyard’s Gap Inn. 

Walk Two 

Distance: 1.5 miles

Start: Winyard's Gap Inn 

  1. Turn left out of the Winyard’s Gap to Court Farm in 200 yards, opposite which there is a layby. Climb the steps from here into National Trust land. In 150 yards you come to a viewpoint grass strip beside the war memorial to the 43rd Wessex Division.

  2. Proceed southwards, with your back to the memorial, along the spine of the hill with roads down to both the left and right. Bear right at the end of the wood in 200 yards. Keep within the trees along the whole length of the wooded ridge. Descend to the roads at a junction in 300 yards and cross here to a National Trust gate to the left of the thatched cottage on Penny’s Hill.

  3. In 350 yards progress becomes increasingly difficult, through holly bushes on the spur, so drop down to the road on the left. Follow this lane for 50 yards to the hilltop junction. Turn right and descend into Chedington village.

  4. Follow the village street eastwards from Thame, up the slope beside Lower Farm with its veteran ‘Safety First’ Automobile Association sign, showing London at 135½ miles. Lower Farm was the home of Sir Richard Cooper Bt (1934-2006), who chaired the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. Lower Thatch and Primrose Cottage are next with the Old Police Cottage looking from on high. The telephone kiosk and village hall are below the school house.

  5. In 500 yards pass Hazel Barton and bear right beside Old St James. The road swings to the left at Woodland View, in 50 yards, into a prolonged curve beside the wall of Chedington Court, facing the stone mullioned windows of Manor Farmhouse. Its 1634 date-stone, above the porch, is named for Thomas Waren [sic].  

  6. In 250 yards, between Chedington Court and Stable Lodge, continue straight ahead at the junction. Highfield House and the gates to the Court are followed by Chedington Lodge in 200 yards. In another 500 yards, return to the comfort of Winyard’s Gap Inn.

Walk Three 

Distance: 1.5 miles

Start: Winyard's Gap Inn 

  1. Turn left out of the Winyard’s Gap and carry on past the layby, continue past Chedington Lodge on your right, and in a further 200 yards you will see Penneys Hill on your left. At the top of this short hill, turn right onto Chedington Lane.

  2. After some 400 yards take the right hand turning, down the hill and after ‘Pea Mead’ bear right, stay on this village road for approximately 1200 yards and you will have worked up an appetite by the time you arrive back at Winyard’s Gap.

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